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Life Expectancy:

8-15 years


All white, white and patched, brindle or red (red is defined as any shade of tan, brown or red), black mixed with brindle or white to solid black

Coat Type:

Short, close, stiff to the touch

Grooming Needs:

Brush coat with a firm bristle brush or rubber mitt; bathe only when necessary

Exercise Needs:

Needs plenty of exercise to make them mellower in the house. Walking, jogging, biking, skateboarding for about a mile daily with owner is enough. Also, fetching, frisbee, swimming, agility and weight pulling.


The essential characteristics of the American Bulldog enable it to work as a hog and cattle catching dog, and a protector of personal property. These tasks require a powerful, agile, confident dog with a large head and powerful jaws. The breed is a gentle, loving family companion who is fearless enough to face an angry bull or a human intruder. Very alert, outgoing and friendly with a self-assured attitude. Some aloofness with strangers and assertive towards other dogs.

Good with Children:

The American Bulldog is known for its love for children. Excellent with other pets, when raised together

Avg Size:

22-27 inches (Johnson males) and 20-25 inches (Johnson female)
23-27 inches (Scott males) and 21-25 inches (Scott female)

Avg Weight (lbs.):

90-150 (Johnson males) and 70-130 (Johnson females)
75-110 (Scott males) and 60-85 (Scott females)